The National Rice Research Institute (NRRI), Cuttack offers practical training to students as well as customized training programme for dissemination of modern rice production technology among farmers since its inception. The scientists of the CRRI have been playing an important role in developing quality Human Resources by training students and staffs of several Universities of India and abroad in the field of Biotechnology, Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Breeding and Bioinformatics, Cytogenetics, Plant Breeding, Economic Botany, Seed technology; Agronomy, Fisheries, Microbiology, Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Microbiology, Agricultural Engineering including Food technology; Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Environmental Sciences; Plant Pathology; Entomology, Nematology, Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Statistics, Agricultural Economics and Extension including Home Science covering various aspects of rice research.

HRD program for six months duration (provision for dissertation for M.Sc./M. Tech./M.Phil./ equivalent degree).

HRD program for three years (with provision to work for Ph.D. degree).

HRD training for up to six months (no provision for degree/diploma).

Training for Extension Personel and Progressive Farmers