Administrative Staff

Sl.No. Name Designation Division/Section
1Sri S.R.KhuntiaChief Finance & Accounts OfficerCFAO
2Sri Sunil Kumar DasFinance & Accounts OfficerFAO
3Sri B.K.SinhaSenior Administrative OfficerSr. AO
4Sri K.C.DasAdministrative OfficerAO - I
5Sri S.K.MathurAdministrative OfficerAO - II
6Sri Basanta Kumar SahooAssistant Administrative OfficerStore Section
7Sri Bahudi BhoiAssistant Administrative OfficerAudit & Accounts
8Sri B.K.MoharanaAssistant Administrative OfficerBill & Cash
9Sri Sunil Kumar SahooAssistant Administrative OfficerAdministration-I
10Sri D.K.MohantyAssistant Administrative OfficerAdministration-II
11Sri S.K.JenaAssistant Administrative OfficerTechnical Section
12Sri S.K.RamAssistant Administrative OfficerConfidential Cell & Legal Cell
13Sri Nabakishore DasSecurity OfficerSecurity Officer
14Sri Narayan MahavoiPrivate SecretaryDirector Cell
15Sri G.K.SahooPersonal AssistantTechnical
16Sri N.N.MohantyPersonal AssistantEngineering
17Sri Janardan NayakPersonal AssistantSocial Science
18Sri Jagabandhu SethiPersonal AssistantAdministration-II
19Sri Trilochan RamPersonal AssistantCrop Physiology and Biochemistry
20Sri A.KulluPersonal AssistantAudit & Accounts
21Smt. Belarani MahanaPersonal AssistantAgronomy
22Sri Daniel KhuntiaPersonal AssistantDirector Cell
23Smt. Nirmala JenaPersonal AssistantAudit & Accounts
24Sri Manas Ballav SwainPersonal AssistantCrop Improvement
25Smt. Snehaprava SahooPersonal AssistantStore
26Miss Sabita SahooPersonal AssistantCFAO
27Sri B.C.TuduAssistantStore
28Sri Faguram SorenAssistantAdministration-I
29Sri N.K.SwainAssistantAudit & Accounts (Caretaker, Guest House)
30Sri C.P.MurmuAssistantStore
31Sri K.K.SarangiAssistantBill & Cash
32Sri Santosh Kumar BeheraAssistantAdministration-II
33Sri Satyabrata NayakAssistantPension
34Sri Subodh Kumar SahuAssistantAudit & Accounts
35Sri Rabindra Kumar BeheraAssistantAudit & Accounts
36Sri Ramesh Chandra DasAssistantStore
37Smt. Rosalia KidoAssistantBill & Cash
38Sri Narayan Prasad BehuraAssistantAdministration-II
39Sri Sanjaya Kumar SahooAssistantBill & Cash
40Sri Munael MohantyAssistantConfidential Cell & Legal Cell
41Sri Saroj Kumar NayakAssistantBill & Cash
42Sri Dillip Kumar ParidaAssistantTechnical
43Sri Santosh Kumar SatapathyAssistantPension
44Sri Manoj Kumar SethiAssistantAdministration-I
45Sri Kailash Chandra BeheraAssistantTechnical
46Sri Pravat Chandra DasAssistantAdministration-I
47Sri Abhaya Kumar PradhanAssistantBill & Cash
48Sri Vishal KumarAssistantTechnical
49Sri Sharbadwip SenAssistantAdministration-II
50Smt. Gourimani DeiAssistantStore
51Sri Samir Kumar LenkaU.D.C.Administration-I
52Sri Sanjeeb Kumar SahooU.D.C.Audit & Accounts
53Smt. Manasi DasU.D.C.Administration-I
54Sri Ramesh Chandra NayakU.D.C.Cashier
55Sri Sunil PradhanU.D.C.Farm Section
56Smt. Ambika SethiU.D.C.Bill & Cash
57Sri Maheswar SahooU.D.C.Sr.A.O. Cell
58Sri Ranjan SahooU.D.C.Hindi Cell
59Sri Amit Kumar SinhaL.D.C.Bill & Cash
60Sri B.K.GochhayatL.D.C.Sr.A.O. Cell
61Sri Harihar MarandiL.D.C.Confidential Cell & Legal Cell
62Sri Santosh Kumar BhoiL.D.C.Farm Section
63Sri Dhaneswar MuduliL.D.C.Sr.A.O. Cell
64Sri Manoranjan SwainStenographer Gr.IIIAO Cell
This Sl.No. ( Serial Number ) is only to count the no. of staff.