Technology for the Farmers

  • 110 rice varieties

  • Popular varieties are Pooja, Durga, Sarala, Gayatri, Vandana, Anjali, Geetanjali, Naveen, Ajay, Varshadhan, Sahabhagidhan and Hazaridhan.

  • Hybrid varieties Ajay, Rajalaxmi and CR Dhan 701.

  • Short grain aromatic rice for higher income - Geetanjali, Ketekijoha, Chinikamini, Nua Kalajeera, Nua Dhusara

  • Varieties for all ecosystems and major stress conditions

    Upland-Phalguni, Virendra, Hazaridhan, Sadabahar, Anjali, Heera, Kalinga-III

    Irrigated-Ajay, Rajalaxmi, Naveen, Geetanjali, Tapaswini, Satabdi, Abhishek, Chandrama

    ShallowRainfed Lowland-Swarna sub-1, Ketekijoha, Nua Dhusara, Nua Kalajeera, Nua Chinikamini, Pooja, Padmini, Savitri, Reeta

    Medium Deep water logged -Varshadhan, Durga, Sarala, Gayatri, Moti, Tulasi, Panidhan

    Coastal Saline -Lunishree, Luna Suvarna, Luna Sampad, Sonamani

    Drought -Sahabhagidhan

    Submergence-Swarna sub-1

  • Integrated Crop Management practices involving planting young seedlings, judicious use of water and nutrient, integrated pest management and the like.

  • Organic Rice implies a holistic system of crop production utilizing local resources at affordable prices that maintains a relatively pollution free environment providing food of higher nutritional quality.

  • Aerobic Rice - growing rice with aeration or under non-flooded condition enhancing water use efficiency

  • Need based Nitrogen management in rice using the Customized Leaf Colour Chart (CLCC)

  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) which includes combined use of various sources of nutrients viz., chemical, organic and bio-fertilizers.

  • Precision Farming for optimum resource utilisation

  • Rice-fish diversified farming system and multitier rice-fish-horticulture based farming system for increasing farm productivity, income, employment, sustainability and household food and nutritional security.

  • Low cost, labour saving and improved agricultural implements such as rice husk stove, manual 4-row rice transplanter, drum seeder, multicrop bullock and tractor drawn seed drill, flat disc harrow, finger weeder, cono star weeder, , mini parboiler and power thresher.

  • Wet direct-shown rice - Direct seeding, using a drum seeder, is one of the methods of crop establishment.

  • Azolla bio-fertilizer for rice - Aquatic fern Azolla is promising nitrogen-fixing bio-fertilizer for rice.

  • Evaluated, developed and tested several plant products with pesticide potential against field and storage insects and pathogens.

  • Identified biochemical and biophysical parameters for submergence and other abiotic stress tolerance in rice.

  • Botanical based indigenous technical knowledge (ITK) for using Neem, Karanja, Kochila, Water pepper, Parasi, Wild Sugarcane to control insect pest.

  • Suitable rice production technologies for rainfed uplands, lowlands and irrigated ecology including production technologies for hybrid rice and scented rice.