Crop Production Division

Crop production division has 4 units, namely 1. Agronomy, 2. Soil Science, 3. Microbiology and 4. Agricultural Engineering. The division has 17 scientists, 28 technical, 4 administrative and 12 supporting staff (total of 61).

Major activities of the division include:

1. Enhancing resource use efficiency with special emphasis on water and nutrients.
2. Resource conservation technology on rice and rice based systems.
3. Exploration of microbial and nano technology for enhancement of production and productivity in rice and rice based systems.
4. Designing, developing and evaluating rice based farming system for enhancing profitability and ensuring livelihood support.
5. Design and development of farm machinery for small rice farmers.
6. Value addition and post harvest technology on rice.
Major recent achievements of the division are as follows:
Training: The division can impart training on rice production technology.